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Groupon Instructions and FAQ

I have a question that is not listed here what do I do?

Email your questions to [email protected] our dispatch team can not answer questions over the phone.

What is included in my Groupon?

The first 20 miles.

How much are child car seats and booster seats?

They are $15 each

What extra charges are there?

Tax 6.62% for EWR and 8.88% for JFK and LGA Tolls EWR up to $8, LGA up to $28.50, JFK up to $33 depending on where you are coming from. And Gratuity which is 20% of retail value. This is the amount the driver receives as pay.

My plane arrives at 11:59 pm what time do I put for my pick up?

It is important to always put your plane’s exact arrival time. Our system will automatically track your plane if there are any delays we will be notified.

Why do I have to enter my credit card when making a reservation?

To pay for the above charges. You will not be billed until you approve the charges. An invoice and a terms and agreement will be sent to you. Once you complete the terms and agreement your reservation will be confirmed and you will be billed.

I don’t want to be charged for wait time.

You get 30 min. Free for domestic and 60 minutes free for international flights from the time the plane door opens. After that it is about $1.00 to $2.00 per minute depending on the vehicle. 96% of our customers are not charged any wait time. Of the 4% that are charged wait time 3% are charged for less than 15 min.

Where do I put my Groupon code?

1) enter your pick up information.
2) select your vehicle. Sedan or SUV only. (any other vehicle does not apply for Groupon)
3) continue as a Guest
4) Enter your Name, 
Cell phone number, and email address.
5) Enter Groupon code under Other comments or Special Requests. (

How will I know where to meet my driver?

You will receive text and email updates throughout you trip.

How do I calculate mileage?

Go to enter in your pick up address and drop off address for airports use airport code EWR, LGA, JFK and use the quickest route and that will give you exact mileage. You must also change the time and date to get the exact route for your trip.

Can I use my own EZ Pass?

NO sorry ours are in the vehicle and we will both get charged plus we must use our per NYS law.

Can I take my pet?

There is a $15 pet fee. If your animal is a service dog please forward documentation in advance to [email protected] so you are not billed.

Can I pay cash?

NO sorry our drivers do not collect cash.